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Mvp.Xml.Common.XPath Namespace

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
DynamicContext Provides the evaluation context for fast execution and custom variables resolution.
IndexingXPathNavigator IndexingXPathNavigator enables lazy or eager indexing of any XML store (XmlDocument, XPathDocument or any other IXPathNavigable store) thus providing alternative way to select nodes directly from built index table and not searhing the tree. This allows drastically decrease selection time on preindexed selections.
SubtreeeXPathNavigator Allows to navigate a subtree of an IXPathNavigable source, by limiting the scope of the navigator to that received at construction time.
XmlNodeNavigator XPathNavigator over an XmlNode. Allows to navigate over a subtree of XmlDocument by represening the subtree as valid instance of XPath data model. Allowable types of nodes to navigate over are: Element, Text, CDATA, Comment, PI, Whitespace. Typical usage - to transform a subtree of an XmlDocument.
XPathCache Implements a cache of XPath queries, for faster execution.
XPathIteratorReader Provides an XmlReader over an XPathNodeIterator.
XPathNavigatorIterator An XPathNodeIterator that allows arbitrary addition of the XPathNavigator nodes that belong to the set.
XPathNavigatorReader Provides an XmlReader over an XPathNavigator.


Interface Description
IHasXPathNavigator Enables a class to return an XPathNavigator from the current context or position.


Structure Description
XPathVariable Represents a variable to use in dynamic XPath expression queries.