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Mvp.Xml.XInclude Namespace

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
AttributeOrNamespaceInIncludeLocationError Include location identifies an attribute or namespace node.
CircularInclusionException Circular inclusion exception.
FatalException FatalException represents fatal error as per XInclude spcification.
FatalResourceException Resource error not backed up by xi:fallback exception.
InvalidAcceptHTTPHeaderValueError Value of the "accept" attribute contains an invalid for HTTP header character (outside #x20 through #x7E range).
MalformedXInclusionResultError Not wellformed inclusion result (e.g. top-level xi:include includes multiple elements).
NonXmlCharacterException Non XML character in a document to include exception.
XIncludeException Generic XInclude exception.
XIncludeSyntaxError XInclude syntax error exception.
XIncludingReader XIncludingReader class implements streamable subset of the XInclude 1.0 in a fast, non-caching, forward-only fashion. To put it another way XIncludingReader is XInclude 1.0 aware XmlReader.